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Discover the territory in which the Agriturismo "Loggia degli Artisti" Bed & Breakfast is located

Friuli Venezia Giulia: rich in history and beauty.

A few kilometers from the Agriturismo "LOGGIA DEGLI ARTISTI" are the major tourist and historical and architectural sites of Friuli Venezia Giulia: Trieste, Udine, Aquileia, Grado, Lignano, Cividale.
Venice is located an hour away by train or by car.

There are numerous attractions close to the "LOGGIA DEGLI ARTISTI" to spend relaxing and having fun relaxing holidays.


Venice, among the most beautiful cities in the world, is considered, together with its lagoon, the heritage of humanity. Just one hour away from the Agriturismo "Loggia degli Artisti" you can admire its urban features and its artistic heritage. Information:


Trieste is the most international city of the reagion, from the Molo Audace to the ancient Lanterna, it is a succession of sailings, antique showcases and wonderful palaces: in the distance you can admire Miramare, the romantic castle of Massimiliano and Carlotta D'Asburgo. The elegant city has a mix of different stiles : neoclassic, liberty, eclettic and Baroque.


Lignano is the city of thousend restaurans, open bars and shops. You can make beach sports like windsurf, sailing, canoeing and beach volley; raiding and play golf in the Golf club open all year round and travel by bike between pinewood and beach.


Aquileia is considered Heritage of UNESCO. With the archeological excavatons they have been found: roman remains, a Basilica, mosaics, statues of Villa Sacra, markets, walls of the fluvial harbour and other remains.


Grado is called gold Isle with Venetian features, embellished by a set of little isles that makes a beautiful lagoon.


Bibione is situated in Veneto, with the clean waters of the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for its wide and long beach of thin and white sand, for a unique place between green pinewood, lagoons and fishing valleys.


Built in 1593 by the Venetian Republic, Palmanova is a city-fortress preserved in extraordinary conditions, with his perfect nine-pointed-star square and the monumental entrance doors. On the first weekend of September, Palmanova hosts a big historical re-enactment of 1615 the Palma alle Armi.


Is the most northern Lagoon. The majority of the canals are natural. There is the "Riserva Naturale Regionale Foci dello Stella" which is not reachable by land, but also by boat.


Nestling on a hill, San Daniele is the principal centre of Friuli Collinare: where you can admire endless panoramas. It is worldwide known for the production of the smoke trout and overall for the ham witha an unmistakable flavour.


Udine is a city with Venetian squares and ancient palaces: like Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Matteotti, which is surrounded by arcades, and seems to be an open air living room, where you can see ancient and colorful palaces, which are the spirit of Udine. On the hill of the city rise a castle where you can admire the roofs of the city houses, the mountains and in the south, the Adriatic sea. Here you can admire Tiepolo's masterpieces. Unmistakable flavours, cultural events and traditional festivals such as Friuli Doc and a variety of Museums.


Founded by Julius Cesar, with the name of Forum Iulii, in 568 d.C. Cividale became the first Lombard duchy of Italy and than for some centuries, residence of the Aquileia's Patriarchs. The city hosts witnesses of Lombard empire; this historic and artistic Heritage, in 2011 became part of UNESCO.


Nearby you can find several typical local and traditional. You can savor rich typical Friulian dishes, grilled meats and fresh fish from Marano, a charming fishing village 4 km from the Loggia degli Artisti


The region is renown for its wines, a particular citation for the Collio area, the excellence of Friulian wines. During the weekends there is the possibility to visit the most important wineries. Livon, Livio Felluga, Villa Russiz, Jermann. Rocca Bernarda. Venica.


A few kilometers from the Loggia degli Artisti, GOLF fans will find 18-hole courses, immersed in the splendid scenery of the Friulian nature.

Golf club Udine


Ranch and stables for your holidays, equestrian walks, sport and funriding in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


A 3 km from the Loggia degli Artisti , you can have fun with karting, a specialty of motor sport. You will find a Kartodromo with a 1200 mt long track.


The Stella is a resurgent river that flows in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in whose placid waters you can do canoeing and kayaking. KAYAK


You can find all the information dedicated to those who are fond of sport fishing, and how to obtain the sport fishing licenses in the rivers and lakes of the FVG at the address


It is in the Marano lagoon that stretches the Foci dello Stella Nature Reserve, reachable by special tourist motorboats through the delta of the river Stella, which can be traced back up to Precenicco and Palazzolo. The woods of the Bassa Friulana are the remains of the ancient "Silva lupanica", the great forest that once covered the entire plain in the Friuli region.

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